How does adding an atom affect the position of existing atoms or lone pairs?

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PARTI: ELECTRON DOMAINS 1. Explore the Model screen ofthe simulation. As you explore, answer the following questions. a. How does adding an atom affect the position of existing atoms or lone pairs? Adding an atom Tvisus exisring aron away To create ms an syntmemicai anom tnc bond angic decr ca b. How does adding a lone pair affect the position of existing atoms and lone pairs? Adding a one pair Pursmes me exisring aroms far fren SCIF 2. Is the effect of adding bonded atoms and lone pairs to the central atom similar? Explain why this could be the case. arr similar because m born Push me exi rang mer We can think of bond or a lone pair of electrons as a domain of electrons. Single bonds, double bonds, and triple bonds each count as one domain. 3. How do the electrons in bonds (bonding domains) differ from lone pairs (non-bonding domains)? E ccr ons in bonding domains are shared berw con artims. Elecn in 10 pairs betong ro on on mons 4. What happens to the bond angle when you add or remove an electron domain? 5. Can you force the atoms into new configurations by pushing atoms around? What does this suggest about the configuration ofatoms in real molecules? 6. What is the difference between Electron Geometry and Molecule Geometry? 7. In one or two grammatically correct sentences, write a definition for the term Molecule Geometry. MOLECULE SHAPES

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