How does one do an “allusion” in dance?

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I’m a ballet dancer and I keep hearing about this jazz move called an allusion. Do you have a breakdown on how to do it and what it is?

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  • An illusion is basically a turning penche.

    Here’s a breakdown: pique on to your right foot and go into penche. Now come up. You are going to do it again, and feel free to put both hands on the floor to help you turn. As you go down, think of using the force and spin of an easy chaine to turn. As long as you keep your standing heel up, you should be able to turn. Once you have made a near-full turn, swing your working leg down and bring your body up. You should end up facing the same direction that you started in.

  • I believe that this “allusion” is a completely made up step, or is a referenece to the up and coming dance arcade game, called “feet or fury: allusion dance”.

    Source(s): I am a professional dancer/teacher

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