How does the joke “two iPhones walk into a bar” go?

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I asked Siri to tell her a joke and she said “two iPhones walk into a bar” and she forgets the rest.

7 Answers

  • A priest,a rabbi,two iPhones and Justin Bieber walk into a bar.Justin says,”Knock Knock”and the two iPhones say ,”Hey,I think you’re in the wrong joke,man.”

  • Two iPhones walk into a bar.One gets H2O.The other bar chuckles and says,”I want H2O two,”but the manager of the bar gives the iPhone H2O 2.The iPhone that asked for H2O 2 ends up dieing

  • Two IPhones walk into a bar, and then I wake up.

  • 2 iPhones walk into a bar. 1 buys a iBeer. the other gets an iMargarita. Then a 3rd one comes and watches iTV on the iCouch! The the iPhone running the bar hands out free iMoney. Then a 4th iPhone comes in and tells an iJoke and uses the iBathroom with the iSoap and the iSink because it has to wash its iHands and iFeet.

    hope this helped! ps I love this this iJoke!

  • 2 iPhones walk into the bar then I seemed to have got iStoned and woke up with an iHangover so I can t remember the rest of the joke

  • It refers to prototypes, of both the iPhone 4, then a year later a 4S, were forgotten by Apple Engineers after going to bars and they had enough alcohol to forget their phones and they were taken.

    All those other guesses are wrong!

  • “Two iPhones walk into a bar….I don’t know what happens next.” or something like that.

    Meaning that she got super drunk that night and only remembers walking into the bar…and nothing else after that

    lmao 🙂

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