How far away can fireworks be seen?

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is it at least a 5 mile radius?

2 Answers

  • Depends on the fireworks. There’s a casino thats…hmm about 3 -4 miles away from my sister’s house, and every July 4th and New Years they pop fireworks, and I could see it from her house. That’s the ƒᴀʀтhest I ever seen fireworks from a distance. But thats only me.

  • In Coney Island Brooklyn at the beach, at the Alantic Ocean looking south -southwest to y sstriaght ahead and scoot off to the right a little, around Sandy Hook, NewJersey, I saw fireworks and lightning man made and natures fireworks about 20+ miles, they were colourfull and different, if anyone is curious I cannot see Atlantic City from Coney even wuth binoculars, because the curve of the earth, were 10 N 74 W they are more 39 N and 74 W

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