How far can i go from my house if im on house arrest?

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  • You should have been given the details of this upon your sentence. House arrest will typically also involve restrictions on using alcohol etc, not just proximity to your house.

    In general, a house arrest works by a GPS log tracking where you are going. Normally, you will be allowed to go to work etc, but all of this depends on the sentence. You should have a probation officer, talk to him/her, they will know all the details.

  • No further than your house, that is why it is called house arrest. Go do whatever you want and you will find out how far you can go in a jail cell.

  • The property line that the house sits on. No further, though you probably could go to a rural mailbox sitting at the roadside, in front of your house…if you have one,…..just make sure you turn back around and get back across the property line A>S>A>P

  • You should know if you’re the one who is under house arrest. Whatever the terms are that the judge stated in outcome of your court case.

  • As long as you don’t get caught you can go as far as you want. If you have a GPS on your leg then I’d ask your P.O. how far you can go into the yard before the cavalry shows up. If you have to call in a few times a day I wouldn’t risk leaving or you’ll end up wearing orange. lol

  • Usually about 1.000 feet from your box before it goes off. You have to have a written schedule every week if you work or go grocery shopping and stuff. If you are like 15 minutes late getting home, it’ll go off and you will be in trouble, possibly go to jail.

  • You are supposed to be informed about those technical details on the sentence. The sentence indicate how many feet you can be walk away.

  • As far as the little thing on your ankle lets you go….

  • as long as there is a house nearby, its ok……dont sweat it.

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