how fast does a 100cc bike go?

Does anyone know what the top speed of a 100cc motorcycle or dirtbike is?

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  • If your thinking of getting a dirt bike you needn’t be worried about the top speed. Dirt bikes are made to perform at slower speeds to climb over logs, speed up from corners and made to handle well.

    I wouldn’t expect much more than around 50 or so from a properly adjusted dirt bike.

    You might be better off if you looked at what is called a dual performance bike that is made for off road use and road use. They have a higher road clearance and better handling for off road but still have lights, signals ETC. as required by law. And a little more top end with a better gearing in the transmission.

    Have fun, enjoy yourself BUT don’t take stupid risks, it IS dangerous out there.

  • Yamaha 100cc Dirt Bike

  • Not very fast. I had a Kawasaki KE-100 and I decided to use it to go to work about 20 miles. I got it up to about 50 mpg and in about 5 mile burned a hole right through the top of the piston. That is just my experience…and it was a long time ago…and there may have been extenuating circumstances that I’m not aware of – like a low oil situation or something. I would suggest consulting a representative of the Manufacturer like a service center for their products to get their opinion.

    Source(s): Personal experience
  • Well I was going to buy kawasaki 100, old school trialy dirt bike. That went 71 standard. And that was something like 83 reg. If derestricted that would go around 86. Smart bike considering it wouldve cost me £30.

  • i used to have a 2005 Honda Crf100 and i got it to go 55-60MPH and was on gravel for a straight of 2 miles my friend was riding next to me he had a suzuki Tc100 that had a speed thing so thats how ik

  • from general knowledge of motorcycles, probably 60-70 mph. depends on what bike , if its been tinkered with.



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