How hard is Spanish 3 in high school?

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I’m going to be a freshman and I’m nervous about taking Spanish 3. I mean, how hard is it? There’s not going to be a ton of freshman, it’s mostly juniors and sophomores. Should I make sure I know all the tenses perfectly? What vocab should I master? The class is taught in Spanish.

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  • I took advanced spanish 3, so it was 3 and 4 in the same year. I didn’t care that much about it, and I got A minuses both semesters. But it sounds like you really want to do well, so I’m sure you’ll be fine. With spanish, you get out what you put in. I would review the differences between preterite and imperfect, because that was heavily focused on. Work on reflexive verbs, and mandatos (the commands) because you’ll probably do a lot with those. Look at the subjunctive tense (WEDDING) and pluscuamperfecto, you might not get to those in spanish 3, but definitely will in spanish 4. I don’t know what to tell you about vocab words, because all schools are different. I didn’t work hard in advanced 3, and i did fine. You sound like you’re willing to work your butt off. Oh and a lot of the class will be taught in spanish, but your teacher won’t use words she doesn’t think anyone will understand, so it’s not that big of a deal. You’ll do great! Don’t worryabout it. 🙂

  • Spanish 3 is challenging because it is taught in Spanish, but it sounds as if you are willing to review tenses and vocab, which is a great idea. Taking Spanish 3 as a freshman means that you will be ready for Spanish 5 as a junior (it is usually a senior class). Spanish 5 is usually an AP course at my school, and it includes literature that you must read in Spanish. By that time, though, you’ll be ready for it.

  • I say don’t take it. Unless you plan on taking Spanish in college, it’s sort of a waste of time. Although it can make you look better to colleges if everyone has only 2 years and you have 3. You just need to think about it. Last year I took Spanish AP (basically Spanish 4) and it ruined my GPA. I still have time to fix my GPA before Senior year, but it still really sucks. And if you want to be fluent in Spanish you can always but Rosetta Stone or something later on. 3 years of Spanish will NOT make you fluent, so in my opinion, it doesn’t matter.

  • Spanish 3 is hard. But all i did was mess around the entire class. But my quarter grades were all B’s, although i failed some tests, and got D’s on midterm and final.

  • You have to pay attention and do your work, otherwise you will get completely lost.

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