how install a visual novel?

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I’ve downloaded many visual novels with jdowloader and torrent but I don’t know how to install them so plz could you help me and if you have some recommendation for some good visual novel give them to me plz but first tell me how to install them cause I really want to play

Thinks guys you really helped , black reaper how can i use daemon tool and i really want to play clannad and little busters i’ve already download them

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  • If you have used a torrent than most likely you need to mount the image by using tools like Daemon Tools. Without mounting the image you cannot move further and there would be some kind of instruction file inside the torrent which would tell you what to do after mounting the image.

    I am not a fan of Visual Novels because they seems far too slow so I am just writing the names of some of the VN that I have played

    Little Busters


    Maji Koi

    Princess Lover

  • How To Download Visual Novels

  • If this is not the answer you’re looking for, I apologize in advance for the useless long text:

    I have seen some websites which would allow you to download VNs/Dating Sims from Japan and they usually have these written at the bottom:

    “You’ll also need to change your system locale language to play this game. To do so, simply go to the Control Panel, then Clock, Language and Region (or Region and Language). Click the Administrative tab, then Change system locale to Japanese (Japan).

    This can easily be changed back to English once you’re done playing by following the same directions and selecting English instead of Japanese.”

    -From English Otome Games Tumblr

    I think after that, you can install the games normally.

    I have only played Western/Non-Japanese VNs or Dating Sims cause I’m not allowed to tamper with the computer as needed above to play Japanese ones. But if you ever wanna play Western VNs or Dating Sims that are free, you could always visit:…

    Or check this list:…

  • Oh dear, it’s not good to mess with torrents and downloading them all together is not very good either. What you need to do is change your system locale into Japanese and basically crack your computer to play these things. You chose the hard and illegal way to do it.

    First, delete everything. I’m serious. Second, crack your computer. (This may cause your computer to break and be unable to work ever again) THEN download the games normally without torrenting.

    I recommend playing Katawa Shoujo. That’s the easiest to install. Plus it’s actually free.

  • Hi,

    If you need to download Daemon Tools you can get it here for free

    It’s a good free solution.

    Hope it helps.

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