How is the Nissan Versa in snow?

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5 Answers

  • Most front wheel drive cars slogg thru just fine. Winter tires will help. Just drive carefully or purchase a all wheel drive Rogue.

  • Nissan Versa In Snow

  • I have a 2008 SL model Versa and recently drove it in 3 to 4inches of snow before the city had even attmepted to clear the roads and it slipped once on a 100mile round trip.

    If you just drive sensible you will be fine on snow in one I was averaging speeds of 40 to 50 on a 65mile per hour road and still felt safe in mine

  • No one is good on snow, except the Nissan GTR.

  • Not good at all. The car slips a lot with winter tires and not very maneuverable in snow.

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