How is tikona wireless broadband?

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i m using reliance broadband for about a year and as i started to using wifi routers it doesn’t works..

so i want your reviews and suggestions about tikona wireless broadband.

And i if you know a better broadband then tikona which gives plan of 500-1024kbps with unlimited download and upload please tell me..

Thank you in advance.

Don’t lyke airtel coz it has

speed breaker plans.

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  • The worst broad band available in India.

    BSNL is the only reliable BB provider.

    U will face many problems with private BB providers.

    MTS is OK for wireless BB. But better inquire all details.

    Never go for post paid with private service providers. Prepaid connection is always safe.

  • Tikona Broadband Kolkata

  • Tikona is the worst broadband service provider in Mumbai. Even the local broadband providers have better connectivity and customer support. I have been using Tikona for a very long time, I don’t know why ..but the service is pathetic. Never had such a harrowing experience of using a WiFi network. The customer support is of no use. Till today they have not given a satisfactory solution. Choose anything but not tikona.

  • The worse Broadband connection in New Delhi is Tikona. The service of Tikona is worse , everday i have to call to customer care to complain network related issue some connection disturb for 3_4 days,accessing speed is negligible as mentioned. Customer care response can not be explainable. Management of Tikona is too bad, no confirmation via mail/ message to justify continuos problem. I will suggest friends never use Tikona even if at any situation, because you are not taking a connection but problem to face each day…

  • I have Airtel broadband This is best for me.The service of tikona is less than Airtel.

    Wireless Net Service has many Problems. LIke Speed, Connection Etc.

    its is not better then Broadband..

  • I am using tikona wireless broadband connection from last 1 year. I am very disappointed with this connection because it has a worst sever. It s a daily problem with this connection. I am always seen that network server is time out

  • The worse Broadband connection in Bangalore is Tikona. The service of Tikona is worse , if you will not access the connection for some time they will disconnect the connection automatically,accessing speed is negligible as mentioned. Customer care response can not be explainable. Management of Tikona is too bad, because after giving complaint before one month also Bill is getting generated. I will procure friends never use Tikona even if at any situation.

  • Advice to everyone who is considering to get Tikona Broadband connection in Chennai. Please stay away from this company. This company is a joke. I ve been using tikona for the past 8 months. The speed which was promised was 4 Mbps. The actual speed which i get is 0.5Mbps- 1Mbps. I have raised a complaint several times but nothing has been done towards resolving the issue. They provide the most horrible customer service in the whole world. Flushing your money down your toilet is a better option than giving it to tikona.

  • Im a tikona user since last 6 months and never faced any problem, to ensure i am not facing any problems in future i ensured some more customers get added to the network as i just shifted to a new place… the other feedback mentioned that it depends upon location to location is correct. A week ago i had suggested one more fren to go for tikona…he was denied connection. These guys have stopped giving connections to places where customers could face problem…so you may try their customer care and find out.

    Yup but they have the fair usage policy which they openly give in their terms and conditions. I get 2mbps speed upto 50GB and then drops to a very poor speed. Im fine with going good…

  • It’s actually quite good. I’ve been using Tikona Broadband for some time and I like it. Also, I have not experienced loss of speed or any such problems. Plus, their customer service is great!

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