How long can a catfish live out of water?

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  • OK a’lot of u don’t no anything about catfish! It just depends on what catfish your dealing with and the conditions. Some catfish in Africa can survive months without water, walking catfish have the capability of breathing oxygen (Bowfin are like this as well) they have something like a lung and this lung has chambers capable of taking in oxygen. But these fish still need water in order to survive. I was fishing and caught these bullheads (small catfish) we accidently forgot one and this was in the afternoon when I returned the following day around 5-6pm it was still breathing I placed it back into the water and swimmed away. CONDITIONS: The ground has to be moist or wet/muddy (keeps them cool) and theres a small amount of oxygen in the rain drops, moist ground, or mud. If it’s sunny and hot these fish wont live long (due to the slime drying out) and the slime makes them swim fast/quicker, scent (to find mates), and protects from diseases/viruses.

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  • rickherr10, what a fish story that is!! A catfish can’t live 2 weeks without water. I’ve caught catfish before and they are dead within half an hour or less.

    Walking cat fish surviving on oxygen stored in an air chamber in its gill arch to be able to slither “walk” from one shallow pond to a deeper pond. I don’t know what the exact time is that they can stay alive.

    The first link shows a walking catfish

  • Depends completely on conditions, are they kept wet, in sunlight, the temp, numerous other things. Catfish have the ability, at least on a temporary level, to hold water in their mouths and draw air through the water, thus it sort-of makes its own bubbler. The longest I have seen catfish live out of water was overnight (about 8 or 9 hours) in a wet burlap sack at a temp of about 60-65 degrees

  • depends on the conditions, ive had them last for 2 hours in bottom of boat and other times 30 minutes.

  • i had a couple last 2 weeks in the bottom of a refrigerator

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