how long do it take to fly to germany from usa?

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  • Depends where in the US to where in Germany. The shortest scheduled flight duration is 6 hours and 50 minutes from Boston to Frankfurt on Lufthansa. The longest scheduled flight duration is 11 hours and 20 minutes from LAX to Munich, also on Lufthansa airlines.

    There are scheduled nonstop flights to Germany from Miami, Orlando, Ft. Myers, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dulles, Philly, Newark, JFK, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnatti, Portland, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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    It takes longer to fly from Germany to the United States because of the winds encountered from the jetstream. A flight from New York to Frankfurt would take maybe 6.5 to 7 hours, while the return would take 8 hours. Even if the earth’s rotation had an effect (which it doesn’t), it would actually speed up the process, since the world rotates (when viewed from above) in a clockwise direction. Earth’s rotation doesn’t affect the aircraft because everything is rotating. The atmosphere and earth operate as a single body. When you are walking, it doesn’t take you longer to walk in one direction than the other because of earth’s rotation, does it? It doesn’t. Same goes for airplanes, ships, dirigibles, hang gliders, birds, etc.

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  • It should take longer to get to the US from Germany than vice-versa. Due to the jetstream which usually runs West to East. The jetstream sometimes moves in a more north/south direction too. It also moves south and turns more north/south in the winter.

  • A direct flight from Berlin to the east coast of US is approx. 8 Hrs 51 Min. Then a direct flight from Berlin to the west coast of US is approx. 12 Hrs 31 Min. You can get direct flights for airports all over the world at

  • It takes from (JFK) NY to (FRA) Frankfurt 7hours and 8 hours from (ORD) Chicago to (FRA).

    If you live outside these two US cites you have to add the other sector from your state to JFK or OHR because these are the main airports on USA. They are called USA’s hubs because they connect USA with the world. (FRA) in Germany with (AMS) in Amsterdam do the same for Europe they are Europe’s hubs and you can consider (LHR) Heathrow in London the third one.

  • depends on how long you are detained by homeland security. just joking, you’re coming FROM the usa. ok. give it 9 -13 depending on whether you’re coming from new york, california or somewhere in between.

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