How long does a 20 page paper take to write?

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if you have all the research complete, how long does it typically take to write a 20 page paper?

8 Answers

  • It depends on your writing skills. I have all As in that category and it would take me about an hour to an hour and a half. Maybe shorter depending on the subject. It depends on your skills and your typing speed. And maybe a little bit of the font size. So do your best and take the time you need. Good luck!

  • Depends on the subject and how much research is needed. If the paper is on something you know very well, like an autobiography of yourself then it should only take about 5 hours if it is double spaced. But then again i have had to write 10 page papers that has taken me 2 days because of all the research i needed to do.

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  • It depends on the material, how well you know it, how good you are at citation, and how fast you type/write. For me, it’s about 3-5 min/page if I know the material well. If it’s a really pieced together paper, about half an hour to an hour per page.

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  • depends hand written, typed, how long you take each day writing it for me it takes a month or less (i’m lazy)

  • A LONG TIME!!!! lol well it depends on how fast you type. about aan hour to two in a half

  • just like the first one said, it depends.

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