How long does a high school soccer game normally take?

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  • a football (soccer) match last 90 mins (two 45 minute halves . a 15 min break between each half ) regardless of the level. there is usually extra time allocated by the referee for stoppages usually an extra 1-5 mins per half.

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    I was the same way in 8th grade.You’re gonna be nervous there’s no doubt about it. There are the tryouts, possible two mile test, and all the other players. If you are on a premier or select team you will have no problem making the jv or even varsity, depending on the caliber of the school. Make sure to introduce yourself with the varsity players and coaches. Play your game and be able to show you can battle and go hard into every challenge. Don’t do too much flashy moves but don’t go unnoticed and sit back. Demand the ball and don’t take any crap from anyone. I played on varsity all four years and started and played in every game. High school soccer is definitely a lower level then premier soccer but I still had fun. I play in college now at a division 1 school, but looking back to high school to matter what you do in high school will hurt your chances to play at the next level, say in college or in the pros. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • I am a high school soccer player and our games are about an hour and a half. (2, 40 minutes halfs w/ a 10 minute break at half)

  • There are two 40 minute periods and a ten minute half time. So that would be an hour and thirty minutes ( 1 1/2 hrs.) total unless there’s an injury requiring the clock to be stopped.


    2.3 Varsity games will consist of two 40- minute halves, junior varsity of two 35- minute halves, frosh of two 35-minute halves, unless otherwise shortened by mutual consent.

  • our JV and varsity team both play 40 min halves (80 mins total) around 90 with add time and half time

    Source(s): freshman on JV
  • 30-45 minute halves. around 60-90 minutes?

  • It all depends on how old the child is.

    35 minute halves – 70 minutes in total


    20 minute thirds – 60 minutes in total

    Source(s): My Mind
  • About two and half hours.

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