How long does a middle school basketball game last?

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And how long is each quarter? Any other rules/tips you can tell me? It’s my first year of basketball, and I’m really lost because everyone else on the team knows all these rules – they’ve been playing forever!

I play center or a forward.

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  • i am a middle school student the quarter is 8min it all last between 1 and 1.5 hours. and the coach WILL GET WILD AT YOU IF YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG i almost got kicked out cuz i missed a buzzer 3pointer that took us to over time and we won the game if we lost he would of kicked me out becare full.


  • At least five(5) minutes per quarter.

    It should be at least a bit over that, probably 6-8 minutes long.

    One tip would be to stay calm during the game, try not to get too excited. Be ready to watch little kids play, a lot of missed baskets and tons of open shots.

    Make sure communication with your teammates is working well, try to tell them what you plan on doing and make a game plan.

    Good luck!

  • Middle school games are 6 minute quarters. Been there, done that. Check the rulebook. High school games are 8 minute quarters.

  • Overall about 1.5hrs

    8mins a qtr

    (32 mins game time)

  • like 2 hours

  • 8 mintues I am pretty sure

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