how long does it take for midol to kick in?

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this might be a stupid question but..

i NEED to know [=

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  • Midol usually kicks in within 20-30 minutes, but after the Midol is gone, why don’t you just stop purchasing this over-priced medicine and begin to use plain old aspirin (buffered, if you worry about stomach issues) as that is the main ingredient in Midol and Pamprin (either aspirin or active ingredients in Tylenol). I never take any kind of pain medication on an empty stomach so that I do not worry about harming my stomach. A piece of toast would be enough of a buffer. But if you read the ingredient panel on the Midol you will see that you are being ripped off as it is mainly just an aspirin therapy and nothing else. You can purchase 200 aspirin in a bottle at the dollar store for $1.00 and it works just as well as the Midol, if not better. Take 3 aspirin tablets, if you use it, as this equals 975mg of aspirin which is about the same as extra-strength Tylenol or Midol (at 1000mg).

    Because you will only be using aspirin (or Tylenol) about once a month like this, you shouldn’t have any worries about stomach issues. I tend to stay away from Tylenol as it is harder on your kidneys and liver. Some people do not do well on aspirin, so that is why I am also using Tylenol as an alternative.

    Aspirin can thin the blood some, but I never had an issue with this or any problems. You are not going to be taking apirin daily or in large amounts. On the day that you have menstrual pain (usually first day of period) take aspirin (or in your case the Midol) about once every 3 1/2 hours as it does take that 1/2 hour for the Midol to get into your system. You will not have to worry about over-dosing and in this way you can keep the pain medication working for you. Do not take it any sooner than the 3 1/2 hour time period, though, as that would be too much too soon. You want the medicine to kick in as the other medicine has quit working, and aspirin is usually good for about 4 hours. Do not abuse any medications as there are harmful side-effects. More does not mean less pain when you take more than the highest recommended amount (in this case 1000 mg). All pain medications have a threshold of how much they can help, and aspirin is not any better in higher amounts than the recommended 1000mg. In fact, too much asprin can cause stomach bleeding, ulcers, and even death.. Ditto for Tyklenol., Midol, Pamprin, and other over-the-counter (OTC) medications. These are medicines, not candy, so use with caution.

    If you are having very difficult menstruation issues, then please start taking supplemental calcium (at least 1200-2000mg a day) as a lack of calcium can often trigger painful periods. You could also be low on hormones. You might also try taking some black cohosh (an herb) around time of period and see if this doesn’t ease symptoms as black cohosh is a phyto-estrogen (plant-based estrogen) and this sometimes can help, though you could always go see an edocrinologist to have your hormone levels tested so that you could get the exact treatment (estrogen or progesterone) that you need for optimal help in easing symptoms.

    All pain meds usually take 20-40 minutes to be ingested into our blood streams. I wish you much luck!

  • Midol Extra Strength Ingredients

  • Take Midol. It takes about 20 minutes to kick in, like most medicines. Do not take Tylenol, aspirin, or Ibuprofen, as they can lead to ulcers, which are very painful and difficult to rid of, and ulcers are common. All are fine, if taken sporadically. I don’t recommend Tylenol, however. Pain relievers don’t work for me, due to a connective tissue disorder I have, but they probably work for you. If you don’t wish to pay for Midol, find some generic brand medications like Midol.

  • okay….I guess you’ve never used midol before since your asking the question….I think it depends on the individual taking it and how bad your symptoms are. Usually it starts working from 15 to 30 minutes. Personally I prefer Advil for just about every pain.

    Source(s): Personal use.
  • midol never works for me…EVER…but if it does for you… probably about 30 min to an hour!

  • about a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.

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  • For some it’s anywhere from 4-8 hours.

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