how long does it take to drive 8-9 miles?

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it’s not a straight-away road. but there isn’t that much traffic.. i think?!

but, i just need correct estimates

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  • well how fast will you be going?

    15 minutes-20 Minutes.

  • It takes us about half an hour, maybe five minutes longer to drive a particular distance each week to our relatives house, which apparently is 10 Miles.

    10 Miles = 30 Minutes, approxx.

  • I was just up in Boston. The road I travel was just 4 miles but took 20 minutes (all local). Here in NYC (not Manhattan) I can usually go 4 miles (local) in about 10 minutes.

    So it all depends on the local conditions.

    Good Luck…

  • What’s the speed limit on the road you’re speaking of?? Usually going 55 mph…. about 30 minutes; if that long !!

    Source(s): Makes alot of difference.
  • 9 minutes if you drive at 60 mph

  • In science class, we learned Distance = Rate x Time, or

    Time = Distance/Rate

    So depending on your car’s speed, you can compute accurately the time it will take to negotiate a certain distance. For example, if your speed is 35mph, then

    Time = 9mile/35mph = 0.26hour

    To translate to minutes = 0.26 x 60min = 15.6minutes

    Considering traffic, let us say 20minutes.

  • 12~14 minutes.

  • It will take one hour if you drive 8 mph.

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