How long is 4 miles in minutes?

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If I travel by car 4 miles, approx. how long into the drive would it take me to get to my destination??

okay, say i’m going 35-40. just please answer with minutes…

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  • Obviously, that is going to depend on the speed you are traveling. If you are moving at freeway speeds – 60 miles per hour, it will take 4 minutes. If you are traveling in town, with stop lights and traffic, it may take 12 to 15 minutes.

    O.K., with your estimate of 35-40 miles per hour, figure about 8 minutes.

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  • I run junior high track so this coming from someone your age. From the information you have given me I think you can do much better in your 400 (1/4 mile). A 45 second ten and one is very good. By Junior High Athletics, do you mean running track? If you are talking about track and want to know if you’re time is good enough. Well just try sprinting a 400 I believe you could at least get a 1:15 lap. You can only find out by running!

  • At 60 mph, it would take exactly 4 minutes.

    ( 1 mile a minute )

    So at 30 mph it would take 8 minutes.

    Then at 45 mph it would take 6 minutes.

    You can see how so far this is all off the top of one’s head.

    But you can also calculate any speed if you really want it exact.

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    How long is 4 miles in minutes?

    If I travel by car 4 miles, approx. how long into the drive would it take me to get to my destination??

  • 4 miles at 40mph = 6 mins

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    Sorry,that is not very fast!! But I thionk you are faster than that because the ten and one in 45 seconds is fast???? In 8th Grade 1/4 miler usually runs 63 sec. to 70 sec. Just train during your track season and you will improve!!!

  • wel that would take about 8 minutes without any stops but if this is in heavy traffic it could take 30 minutes or in london even two hours sometimes.

  • ummm dude miles are a measurement are length minutes are a measurement of time. you see, you just cant do this

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  • you can’t measure miles in time…because not every vehicle goes the exact same speed

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