How long is 5 to 6 business days?

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Because I ordered Stuff from Hollister on Sunday Afternoon. and Today is Wednesday. And I was it to arrive before picture day which is either the 17,18 or 19th. Its my choice what day. Will it come in time before the 19th?

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  • “Business” days are work-week days… Monday to Friday. If you ordered it on a Wednesday, and it takes 5 business days, you will get it on the following Wednesday. (1. Thursday 2. Friday 3. Monday 4. Tuesday 5. Wednesday)

  • 6 Working Days

  • Business days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So If you ordered it on Sunday, you might get it on Friday, the 13th or Monday, the 16th. It will definitely come before the 19th.

  • Business days are counted as regular working days, and do not include Saturday and Sunday. Your package should arrive on either Friday, August 13 or Monday, August 16.

  • Business days are Monday thru Friday, excluding national holidays. If you placed your order on Sunday the 8th, you should get your stuff by Monday the 16th.

  • A business day is a weekday. 5 to 6 business days means 5 to 6 weekdays (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, and Fri). The only time a weekday doesn’t count as a business day is if it is a holiday.

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  • properly, you’re actually not the only customer, many times they fill the orders as they arrive in… so your footwear probable weren’t even shiped till approximately 3 business enterprise days when you ordered them. in the event that they don’t come interior the subsequent 5 business enterprise days call the keep and ask approximately them

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