How long is “A little bit”?

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I say about 5-10 minutes, and “SHE” says an hour. Who’s right? (P.S. I’m a certified doctor of awesome, she’s not)

6 Answers

  • if you really are a certified doctor of awesome your totally right.

    and i think you are right ’cause the definition of a bit is 20 min so a little bit has to be 5 – 10 min.

    an hour is just too much

  • It is a little bit shorter than a bit more.

  • Don’t consider that to be right

  • Question.

    Is this your wife?

    If so, you want it to work? You better wait a little bit.

  • Not one hour. In that case, she should say, “I’ll be about an hour.”

  • I would say with-in the hour

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