How long will it take me to bike 2 miles casually?

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I want to ride to the humane society 2 miles from my campus. I bike fairly slowly (taking my time). There are no real hills (I live in Gainesville, FL). About how long should it take me? I’m kind of heavy.

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  • Hello,

    I live two miles from a bikepath. It takes me about 11 minutes to get there because of all the lights. If you say you ride slow i would guess it would take you 15-20 minutes.

    2 miles is not a long distance on a bike. Best way is to just ride it and find out.

    have fun.

  • Less than 15 min. if you don’t have to stop a lot. Even if you’re heavy and out of shape, the route is flat and 10mph on a bike is quite slow and easy to do.

    If you want to ride 2 miles just do it. It’s much like walking around the block twice.

  • 15 minute per miles walking is very fast. That’s 4 mph. It is quite easy to cycle three times faster (12 mph) than walking.

    As mentioned in other posts, traffic lights will increase your trip time, but I would expect less than 20 minutes the first time you complete the ride.

    That being said, your weight doesn’t matter– the main hindrance is wind / aerodynamic resistance, which depends on the wind, and how fast you are going. That being said, your cardiovascular conditioning is likely to interfere with your ability to go fast.

    If you are not used to driving your bike in traffic, I would recommend searching for a BikeEd course offered by League of American Bicyclists (LAB) instructors. You will learn how to ride in all different conditions (narrow roads, bike lanes, bike paths), and how important operating your bike as a vehicle is — avoid sidewalks , wrong way riding, etc.

    One other thing to consider is your route- look in the link for bike routes.

    Don’t forget your bike lock, once you arrive at your destination!

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    Aerodynamic resistance explanation: <i>Bicycling Science</i> D.G. Wilson, amazon link:…

    List of League Certified Instructors for Florida:…

  • try to get a speedometer on your bike and go faster and faster every day you ride.. or every second day Anyway, at 10 miles per hour biking 2 miles, would take you less then 20 minutes – even on hot days.

  • I would say 15-20 minutes.

  • probably about 20-30 min with a rest in between

  • It depends on your speed, how many mph you’re going. So if you estimate that you’re going 20 mph, which is a moderate to slow speed that means in 7.5 min you’ll go 2.5 mi. But that’s assuming you ride continuously. . .you might have to stop at a traffic light, pause to look for cars, etc. . .I have no idea what your course is like. I’d say 7-8 min is a safe bet.

  • About 15 minutes. Everyone is different though, for an exact time you need to just do it.

  • 20 minutes max. Unless you have to stop to rest or whatever

  • 6 minutes

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