how many “1/8” make a mile?

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i was walking today and the walking trail i was walking on on on the cement “1/8” and i saw it like bout 9 or 10 times. so i guess for everytime i saw it it was 1/8’s so how many make one mile?

and one other ? should i power walk for a few of the 1/8s then normal walk since im just now starting out? or walk normal for a couple of days? then start power walking, im wantting to loose weight “wanting”* need toknow the right thing to do so i wont overdue myself.

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  • 8 1/8’s make a mile cause then it is 8/8 which equals 1.

  • There are 8 1/8th’s in a mile. There are 8 furlongs to a mile, 5280 feet in a mile, 1760 yards in a mile, 1620 meters in a mile, 63360 inches in a mile. 3 miles is equivalent to a league (a measure not used anymore) there are 66 chains in a mile, a chain is 66 feet which is the exact length of a cricket pitch. I walk exactly 6400 meters every day for exercise so how many miles, feet and inches is that??

    Source(s): Old school
  • 8 ‘1/8s’ make 1 mile.

    Yes, the combo of walking and running or walking and then walking hard is a good combo to start with. You ideally want to get to the point where you are keep an elevated heartrate for 45 minutes straight…by elevated, meaning breathing hard enough that a conversation is difficult.

    Source(s): years and years of triathlons…
  • LOL….WOW….the correct answer is 8…you say so many because people can get on the trail at differant times..and they can just count the 8th one they see as a mile

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