how many 5ths are in a handle?

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  • It’s 2 1/2. 25.6fl oz. (25 fl oz, 4 drams, 30 minims) in a fifth, 64fl oz in a handle.

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  • A 5th is 750mL, 1/5 of a gallon. A handle is 1.75L, 1,750mL. A handle is 2 5ths (1500mL) plus 250mL or 2 5ths and 1/15th of a gallon (46.666% of a gallon). 250mL is 1/3 of a fifth so there are 2.33 fifths in a handle.

  • just over 2 fifths. Fifths are 750 ml and a handle is usually a (bottle with a handle) 1750 ml

  • The bottle with the handle is 1.75 LT or called a Magum. It would be one fifth 750ML and one LT to make 1.75 or two fifths a half pint 200ml plus an airplane bottle 50Ml to make a 1.75 or called a Magum.

    Source(s): Manager of a liquor store
  • alright….these people are wrong

    a fifth is usually a 1/5 of a gallon. a common size for a bottle.

    a handle is usually 1.75 liters….roughly half a gallon.

    so there are about 2.5 fifths in a handle.

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