how many bananas in a bunch?

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10 Answers

  • 3-10

    No more than 12.

    6 on average.

  • 6

  • As many that are still on the same stem.

    You have small bunches and large bunches, more than one banana is a bunch.

  • To be honest, it depends on the bunch itself, and what tree the bunch of bananas orginated from..

    The banana fruits develop from the banana heart, in a large hanging cluster, made up of tiers (called “hands”), with up to 20 fruit to a tier. The hanging cluster is known as a bunch, comprising 3–20 tiers, or commercially as a “banana stem”, and can weigh 30–50 kilograms (66–110 lb).

  • 17 to 19

  • 5-7 =]

  • i just visited the BIG BANANA in coffs harbour and DID YOU KNOW that bananas are bent because of the sun??

  • usually around 27- 58 .. depends on the size of your mothers eye.

  • haha, who cares?! why don’t you go to henry’s and conduct a survey? then come back online and tell everyone another useless fact. [:

  • depends how big they are

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