How many billions of dollars do taxpayers pay in expenses created by crashes?

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car crashes

6 Answers

  • The government has been bailing out companies, like Lockheed in the 70’s, Chrysler in the 80’s, for many decades. In almost every case, including the recent TARP bailouts, the taxpayer was repaid, often with profit or interest.

  • well whatever your question means by crashes and i think i know what you mean, its nothing compared to the money that the taxpayer is paying out funding people on benefits who should not be on benefits and young teenage mothers who have babies after babies to avoid going to work the list is endless my friend just have a look at your payslip and the amount ot tax and national insurance you will be paying to finance these sort of spongers

  • A ton, all the spending is just chasing the derivative bubble so we crash softly.

  • Trillions if the administration doesn’t understand how business nor the economy works. Only millions if they do.

  • Schizoid says what? lol, crashes of vehicles, markets, dune buggies, pots and pans?

  • Vehicular, sociologically, or financially?

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