How many bottles of Sujo can make an average person drunk?

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Is Soju sweet, bitter, strong? Can you describe the taste and how strong it is?

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  • Soju is generally about 20% alcohol, although some varieties have lower or higher alcohol content. So, we’re talking about a 40 proof alcohol, much stronger than beer or wine but not as strong as vodka or gin. It’s possible for men or women to feel the affects from just a half to one bottle of soju. But to get drunk, I would say it would take an average man 3 or 4 bottles and an average woman 2 or 3 bottles. Of course it depends on the drinker’s weight and tolerance.

    It’s difficult to describe the taste. It doesn’t taste like vodka, which is what most people say. Vodka is smoother and goes down much easier. It has a unique taste that can’t easily be compared to another alcohol.

    Soju is cheap in Korea. It’s only about 2,000won a bottle, so it’s a cost effective way for people to get drunk if they want to. However, soju hangovers are the worst possible. So beware.

    Source(s): I’ve had a few soju experiences.
  • People who drink regularly, two of the smaller bottles might do it. Someone who drinks socially one to three times a month or so, a half bottle might do it.

    Its hard to say because, in Korea, Soju is not regulated (not in the late 80’s) by a Korean FDA so one bottle might be 10 times stronger than the next.

    It tastes like slightly watered down Gin or Vodka.

    I’d love to visit Korea again . . .

    Source(s): Spent two years in Korea where its made, and a drinker.

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