how many Crankshafts are in a V-8 engine?

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  • All modern engines, regardless of cylinder count and layout (V, in-line, flat) have one crankshaft only.

    As for camshafts (if that is what you meant), a V engine may have from 1 to 4 camshafts, depending on their position.

  • Only ONE crankshaft in ANY V-8 engine. Depending on the cylinder head configuration, there could be one, two or four CAMSHAFTS.

  • One. All 8 pistons are connected to it. As they move up & down, they spin the crank kinda like pedaling a bicycle.

    Now as far as camshafts go (which open & close the valves), your typical V8 will have anywhere from one to four cams. Most modern GM & Chrysler V8s have one cam, Ford will have either two or four, and most import V8s will have 4 cams.

  • Only one crankshaft per any engine however you can have multiple camshafts

    :sohc single overhead cam

    dohc double overhead cam

    Source(s): auto body tech and shop owner
  • Just one, dude! And as many as four overhead cams depending on the engine.

  • good read on V8 engines.

  • 1. camshafts are more.

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