how many dvd movies will fit on a 500gb hard drive?

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  • depends on how much you compress them. and on a 500 gig drive you are only going to get a about 480 gigs of disk space. 1:1 on single layer dvds = 4.7/480= 102 dvds dual layer = 8.7/480 = 55 dvds. use what ever % compression you want and go from there. use 70% compression and you can fit 173 single layer dvds. and of course every dvd isnt going to be a full 4.7 gigs or a full 8.7 gigs and you may choose not to back up the menus and extras or other languages. i back up all my own movies and i can say that most are above 4.7 gigs but do compress to 4.7 at around 65-80% and of course i have some that are 6-8 gigs.

  • A typical DVD movie is about 5 GB so you’re looking at 100 movies on 500 GB hard drive. But also some DVD movies include special features which makes the the size a little bigger. So i would say 80 to 100 DVD movies. But if you compress them in AVI format which doesn’t hurt the quality of the movies you can put about 600 movies.

  • I recommend you go spend about 100 bucks and get a Western Digital My Book 1 TB external hard drive and store your movies, music, and other stuff on it. I have one and I use it as if it were a huge storage device. I have all my pictures and tons of videos stored on it and it don’t take up your free drive space on your computer internal HDD. Of course now don’t get me wrong your 500 GB HDD with handle a lot of movies and music videos. But I have a 1 TB internal HHD in my computer and by using my external HDD I have right now more than 900 GB free drive space.

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  • many

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