How many “lettuce” puns can you come up with?

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Lettuce eat.

Leaf it alone.

Is this the tip of the iceberg?


12 Answers

  • Salad Puns

  • Lettuce make a salad. Lettuce finish dressing. Lettuce pray for a fruitful garden. Lettuce ask “I Club Seals” why he put this question in Religion and Spirituality. If he can’t come up with a good answer, Lettuce club him!

  • Lettuce pray.

  • *lettuce* bow our *heads* in prayer …… lettuce be thankful for what we have…. Leaf the arguments on the table and lettuce go play in the *garden*…. go in peace….. God bless

  • I wish god would lettuce eat ham

  • Lettuce turnip and pea.

  • This question is so radicchiolous!

    EDIT: Damn you people… you all beet me to the good ones!!!

    DOUBLE EDIT: Wait! One more. You know what one of my favorite songs is? It starts like this: “Endive had the thyme of my life….” Sorry. Had to get that off my cress.

  • The endives justify the means.

    Just be cos.

  • (((Seals)))

    Jesus Made Me Do It beat me to my answer….my Grampa used to use that one ALL the time.

    I ain’t creative, more of a numbers person, so don’t expect much from me here, sorry, I’d better leaf it to the pros….

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