how many levels are there in calculus?

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i took calculus my senior year and my teacher told me that there was calculus 1,2,3, and 4. i wanted to know if there were 4 calculus courses.

is calculus bc equal to calculus 2?

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  • The number of calculus courses at a college level is not really a question of how much calculus you know, but how many applications. I have taken at least five additional calculus-related courses beyond the ones I took to teach limits, derivatives, and integrals. The AP courses are labeled AB and BC because A is a section on limits, B on derivatives, and C on integrals. So, BC has really very little on limits, but it does make use of them in terms of the other, more complicated operations. AB has almost nothing on integrals. They are separated this way for AP calc 1 and calc 2 classes, which often divide this topic along these lines.

    Source(s): personal experience as both a student and tutor for maths including calculus.
  • High School

    Calculus AB – Calculus 1

    Calculus BC – Calculus 1 + part of Calculus 2


    Calculus 1: Single variable calculus

    Calculus 2: Multi-variable Calculus

    Calculus 3: Vector Calculus

    Calculus 4: Differential Equation

  • there’s only 10 levels, but if you slay the evil wizard in the last round you get a bonus level, and 10,000 extra points….

    Seriously, it varies from school to school. Some schools have semesters, some have quarters, some have 3 unit classes, some have 4 units (more time per week, more homework, you learn more). Some might even offer 5-unit classes. At my university it was 3 semesters, than (if you continued) a year of differential equations, and a year of “engineering math”. Physics majors would probably take these, plus a semester of fourier transform, and perhaps a semester of numerical methods. Business majors and some of the social sciences had a 2-semester “baby calculus”

    If you try to transfer credits from one school system to another, then they have a transcript office that will have you have your old school send the course description that describes exactly what topics you covered. Then they will compare this to their courses, and decide what they will give you credit for. You could do this yourself to get a good idea of what credit you would get — get course descriptions of what you already took, compare to descriptions in the course catalog where you are going. If you took the equivalent of 1 and 2/3 semesters, you only get credit for the one complete semester (or for 2 and 5/6ths, only for 2, etc).

  • calculus 1- differential calculus

    calculus 2- integrals calculus

    calculus 3- multivariable calculus

    calculus 4- advanced calculus

    it then seperates out into ODE’s( ordinary differential equations) and PDE’s( partial differential equation). Some universities go offer more complicated classes specializing in differential equation’s. There are also other types of calculus like vector calculus, tensor calculus, differential geometry (applying calculus to geometry) and there are many others.

  • I only know of three calculus classes. At least at my university there are only three.

    Calculus bc is equal to cal 2.

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