How many liters of a 0.0550 M KCL solution contain 0.163 moles of KCl?

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  • 2.9636 Liters, and this can be proved by multiplying the top and bottom of the ratio of .0550 mol KCL/1 L by this amount. (This is allowed because you are multiplying the top and bottom by the same number, and thus it would be equivalent to multiplying this by 1).

    Hope that helps.. and if you have to show work then just set up a proportion in which you set the ratio .0550 mol KCL/1 Liters equal to .163 mol KCL/ X Liters.

    Source(s): having taken AP Chem
  • M = moles solute/L solution

    1.63 moles/0.0550 M = L

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