How many ounces in a bowl of soup?

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Is there a standard size for a bowl of soup at a restaurant, vs. a cup? Please only answer if you actually know, I need a real number.. or a confirmation that there is no consistent number

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  • Typically

    A cup of soup runs from 6oz to 8 oz

    A bowl of soup ruins from 8oz to 12oz

    *** Now the real trick is that there is no industry standard for that. It is at the sole discretion of the restaurant executive chef or management to decide what kind of cup or bowl and how many ounces are they using in their menu..

  • In most of the restaurants I have dined in use 12 ounce bowls, but some will serve soup in a cup that serves 6-8 ounces.

  • 6 or 8

  • This is your answer:

    No, there is no standard measurement for a ‘bowl’ of soup. A ‘cup’ of soup is not necessarily 8 oz either. When you ask a server they will not know either. There is NO real number ~ it’s all up to the restaurant!

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  • If you look at a restaurant supply companies catalog, you will see several different sizes/oz.s for cups and bowls. It’s up to the sole discretion of that particular restaurant. Not only that, but one restaurants bowl, might be the same size as their competitors cup.

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  • The standard measurement for cooking is a cup. So, a bowl needs to be somewhat larger. But no one holds a standard measurement to that in the restaurant industry.

  • I’m sorry can’t help, but Ring! a restaurant if you ask to speak to a manager sure he/she would help,otherwise next time you have a bowl and you enjoyed,that will do!! best of luck.

  • I use 8oz for cups and 16oz for bowls, like they mentioned above, look at your cost and go off that.

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