How many puppies does a Miniature Schnauzer usually have?

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I have a Miniature Schnauzer that is in heat. We’re thinking about breeding and was curious to know how many puppies does a Miniature Schnauzer have per litter.

My Miniature Schnauzer made a year on 09/24/2010. I want to breed her with the same breed (Miniature Schnauzer) shes healthy and has all her shots. But, could anyone tell me how many puppies Miniature Schnauzers normally have?

By the way she does have (Titles) or papers per say!!!

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  • The number of pups in ANY litter is determined by how many eggs are shed, how many of those eggs are fertilized, and how many are carried to full term. So, there is NO way to even try to predict a number. Here’s what I don’t understand……If she is in heat now, how in the heck do you plan on finding a PROPER stud for her in such a short period of time? What titles does she have? What are the results of her genetic health tests? Was she tested for Brucellosis? What is your reason for breeding? Will this stud dog have titles and health clearances? Will he have been tested for Brucellosis or had his genetic health testing complete? Do you have a few thousands dollars set aside in case she needs a C-section AND to care for the litter properly? Maybe you should ask yourself all these questions before breeding, rather than worrying about how many pups she will have.

  • Litter size varies from breed to breed and also from dog to dog.Miniature Schnauzer puppies are delicate at the time of birth but of course depends only on their mother.They can easily set into apartments but needs significant amount of daily exercise.They are prone to several allergies in their early stages.New born puppies require an optimal temperature to survive as they are prone to fever.It takes almost 12 months for a Miniature Schnauzer puppy to become completely mature.Litter size may also depend on the time of when the dog is bred,dog’s size and health.Breeding at the right time would result in a better litter.Miniature Schnauzer dogs have medium to large litters.Average litter size for Miniature Schnauzer is about 4-8 puppies whereas bigger and smaller both litters may also be expected.

  • People considering breeding their dogs know simple stuff like this and more as it relates to their breed and whether they’re good enough to breed in the first place, which is much more important than potential profit. Before you say that’s why you’re asking, take a look at the person who said the number of puppies depends when in her cycle you decide to breed her. THAT is the quality of advice you get from this forum, so it would stand to reason a sane and ethical person would consult with someone who has years of involvement with your breed (not just breeding them) for advice

    ETA : SHE doesn’t have titles just because there might be a dog or two in her pedigree that does. That requires actually showing her to a title of her own. She’s also way too young to be bred or tested for GENETIC defects common to her breed. UTD on shots is about as low as you can go in standards for breeding. Several people have told you exactly what a good breeder does before deciding a dog is worthy of passing on it’s genes, yet your only concern is still ‘how many?’. How in the world do you expect to be properly prepared to whelp and rear a litter (you breeds are very difficult to whelp & puppies don’t make good mothers) if you can’t be bothered finding out one simple fact on your own?

  • Most dog breeds develop at about the same pace. By a year they are about full grown physically, but act like adolescents. . Don’t obsess over this. I’ve had dogs, both mine and fostered, for 20 years. I keep the food bowl filled so they can eat when they want to, and have never had one with a weight problem. Pretty soon he will become active and you will need to find ways to keep him exercised, playful and interested. Please be sure he is neutered. Not only does it cut down on the stray pet population, but it can help prevent cancer in older dogs.

  • I think the real question here is, how many self-righteous, sanctimonious dog lovers does it take to evade answering a straight-forward and reasonable question from a newbie?

    The answer? All but one, apparently.

  • If you really do not know that answer then you have not researched enough by a LONG LONG way.

    People breeding dogs should have been in the particular breed for years, know lots of people through the breed clubs / show ring within the breed, know exactly what to look for in a health tested stud dog to complement their health tested bᎥτçհ.

    Basically — DON’T BREED.

  • Why breed her? Are you looking for another income? Give up the idea if you are. There are too many dogs in the pounds because people don’t care enough to have their dogs “fixed”. You don’t know even the basics, do breed her. You’ll just be creating more pound puppies.

  • No she doesn’t have Titles. She may be registered but she herself has not earned Champion in ANYTHING. BTW its soooo nice to know you’re only concerned about litter size. She could have one she could have 6. Regardless if you don’t know what you are doing, and you don’t, you have no business putting her life at risk for your own selfish needs.

  • well it depends on the heat cycle when the breed once my friends mini schnauzer had 2 puppies the next year 7 then the next 10 so you decide when your gonna let her breed then think of how many she is gonna have in the heat cycle

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