How many shots of Jager would it take for a light weight person to get drunk?

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Curious. My first time drinking. Thanks! =]

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  • I could hazard a guess at 3 or 4, but I really don’t know. We’re all individuals.

    My advice would just be to not drink a lot of shots fast. Remember, the alcohol takes maybe half an hour to get entirely absorbed into your system, so if you start to feel drunk and you’ve been drinking for the last half hour, guess what? You’re going to get even more drunk.

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  • You will have to explain what you mean by “drunk”. If you mean the wide definition like tipsy etc. then 3 or 4 should do the trick. If you mean the actual definition of being drunk then more like 7 or 8 i’d say over a 3 hour period.

    Even as a lightweight it would probably take this much.

  • 3,

    hammer 3 shots back to back to back and then chill out and wait for the fun to set in. you’ll notice this mellow feeling come over followed shortly by an intense urge to talk which will lead to talking endlessly at a louder than necessary volume which ends in a nap.

    this is based on 3 1.5 ounce shots of icy cold jager.

  • For a first timer, 4 or so should do the trick. It’s lower in alcohol content than most vodka, whiskey and tequila, though. Forget jager and pound the latter for some real fun.

  • dont shot jager,drink it slowly,but if u really wanna shot,then id say 3-4

  • jager messes someone up quite easily…id say between 5 and more…might start to feel it after 2-3..not quite sure lol but i think so

  • I got tipsy off of two and a c̫o̫ςκtail! Wooohooo! Still tipsy! Kind of had issues walking. Hubband helped!

  • hah jager is not a beginner drink a lot of people get very angry when they drink it personally i love the deers blood 🙂

  • Depending on weight, two to four.

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