how many sigma and pi bonds are in CH3CHCHCO2H?

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  • So far, no one has gotten this correct. I’ll diagram on here as best I can.

    C – C = C – C=O

    So i put the carbons up there with the double bonds. We have two double bonds, one between two carbons and one between a carbon and an oxygen.

    The first carbon also has 3 H’s on it,

    Second has 1 H

    Third has 1 H

    and the Fourth carbon also has an -O-H on it.

    Remember each double bond also has a sigma bond in it.

    There are 11 sigma bonds and 2 Pi bonds.

    Source(s): My M.S. in Chemistry
  • There are 11 sigma bonds and 2 Pi bonds.

  • The simplest way to figure this one out would be to draw the Lewis structure for your molecule there. Every single bond is a sigma bond. As for double and triple bonds, each bond beyond the first is a pi bond.

  • My answer is 9 sigma bond, 3 pi bonds

    Source(s): Myself and some piece of paper with the diagram
  • Sigma bonds are single bonds and pi bonds are double bonds.

    So 11 sigma bonds and 2 pi bonds

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