How many units of alcohol are in a jack daniels and coke?

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  • Using the formula, I come up with 1.76 units for a one-shot jack and coke.

    Given that:

    1.5 oz shot of jack = 44 mL

    jack ABV = 40%


    The coke doesn’t matter.

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  • Do you mean percent of alcohol (which is twice the unit named “proof”)?

    If you do, you take a jigger of 80 proof Jack Daniels which is 40% alcohol in a 1 1/2 ounce glass. That gives you 1.5x.40 = .6 ounces of pure alcohol. Now add in 10 ounces of coke which is zero alcohol. So that gives you .6/(10+.15) or .6/11.5 when you add up all the liquids. When you do that math it gives you .05 which is 5% alcohol in that drink.

    In summary it is like drinking a full glass of straight liquor which is 10 proof. If you want to increase that proof/ percentage add less coke or another Jack jigger.

  • Traditionally, there is 1 shot in that drink, which is 1.25 oz. But it depends on who the bartender is and how they pour. Obviously if you ask for a double that will increase the amount to two shots.

  • One. 1 shot of jack.

  • It all depends on who is behind the bottle, and how big the glass. I make mine in a pint glass about a quarter full of Crown and top it up with cola and add a splash on top, but whiskey is whiskey.

  • Never heard of alcohol referred to as units. What does that mean?

  • as much as u like! i like makers mark, w/ a splash of coke for color. lol

  • it really depends on how much jack you put in your coke… if you put a little bit… theres a little alchohol… if you put half and half… there will be more…

  • Depends on how heavy your hand is.

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