How much charge flows through the battery as the capacitors are being charged?

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Here’s the diagram:…

2 Answers

  • The battery is connected to a series-parallel combination

    of capacitors.

    The two rightmost parallel capacitances add directly:

    Ceq = C1 + C2 = 2 + 1.5 = 3.5 uF

    Ceq is in series with the leftmost capacitance of 4 uF. and series capacitances are combined as follows:

    Ceq’ = 1/(1/C + 1/Ceq) = 1/(1/4 + 1/3.5) = 4*3.5/(4 + 3.5)

    Ceq’= 14/7.5 = 1.867 uF

    Finally, the charge supplied by the battery is:

    Q = Ceq’V = 1.867*12 = 22.4×10^-6 coulombs

  • The fee on a capacitor is created via a selection of electrons that get stored interior the capacitor. No, the present does no longer bypass all the some time past to the battery. in case you get rid of the capacitor from the battery, it is going to preserve the electrons and its fee.

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