How much cs equal a kill in league of legends?

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  • Depends on how well the person you kill has been doing from a kills/death ratio perspective, since killing sprees and death sprees impact how much killing you is worth. I once had a teammate go on such a bad death spree they were only worth 67 gold!

    If you assume no major killing sprees, the average champion kill is worth about 300g. regular minions are worth about 20g each (melee minions are worth slightly more than mage minions, but 20g is pretty much the average of both), while siege minions are worth more like 45-50g. Two full consecutive waves of minions will contain 6 melee minions, 6 mage minions, and 1 siege minion, which totals about 290g.

    So on average, about 13, though there are other factors that can have a pretty big impact on that balance.

  • Hello,

    you can find a free download of League of Legends here:

    Finally the full version is avaiable!

    When the game starts, you will have to choose some starting items, and you will earn gold to get more by killing minions or other champions.

    It’s a really nice game.

  • Depends on how far into the game you are, you will get less money for a kill if you are a much higher level than them but more money if they were on a huge killing spree for example.

  • Creep score(cs) can mean quite a lot in a game. A player with 300 CS can easily beat a player with 15 or more kill. One,a person must consecutively earn killing sprees without getting shut down for them to earn a lot of money. Two,last hitting and pushing lanes with wave clearing abilities are far more easier and safer than diving in for a kill. Also,there are items like Bloodthirster,which relies on creep score to stack up damage. I am a mid-laner,which requires a lot of creep score to gain a lot of items. I sometimes dive for kills or counter the enemy laner’s dives by kiting and smart playing him or her. However,I become a late-game-terminator(especially with Grages,Xerath,and Karthus) since I have at least 230 CS and I have many core items. I play passive and counter their moves during early games and last hit the minions. I never go for a kill unless they attack me or a jungler wishes to gank my lane. During mid-game,I still play passive until I see a perfect chance to attack or take down the tower. During late-game,I start to smash my laner(since he or she didn’t get kills from me,they will attempt to make dangerous plays like leaving their lane to gank top or bot lane),I ward the map to track where the mid laner is and team up with the laner,jungler to secure a kill. After I believe I have enough power,I start smashing people to pieces by smart casts and mechanical combos. Karthus,which is one of my main champions,I fed him with Rod of Ages,Rabadon’s,Deathfire Grasp,Abyssal Staff,and Mejai’s Soulstealer(i get it at late game). I get 620 AP on him and wreak havoc with a combo of my Q,E,and after death, Requiem(which does almost 1K damage). As you see,CS is far more important than kills and as a proof,LCS matches don’t have high kills,but look at the CS its MASSIVE!!,and they usually get all 6 items. Hope it helped,and never become a troll.

    Source(s): Silver 3 Player with 3523 Takedowns 62412 Minion Kills and 257 Victories

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