How much do you tip for junk removal service in Atlanta?

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Most homeowners probably do not tip Home Improvement guys. Home Depot installers replaced the carpet in one room I have the head guy $20, The same month we had our front door replaced and I gave the carpenter $50. I had a paint contractor paint two rooms and did not tip him at all. He was not the employee but the owner. He charged me for services and I paid. No tip. The carpet guys were Mexicans God knows if legal. I tip those guys the workers. Business owner no.

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2 Answers

  • You can give them any amount as a tip if you are satisfied with their service. Usually, most people don’t provide any tips to them. 

    I usually contact the same junk removal service, and I know them very well. I don’t forget to give them a decent amount as tips. 

    An employee once tells me that they do get well paid for their service and won’t expect any tips.


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