How much does a Greyhound Bus weigh?

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  • Maybe a little less than you mum?

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    How much does a Greyhound Bus weigh?

  • Well according to their website, Greyhound’s primary motor coach is the MCI 102DL3. A quick Wikipedia check indicates the curb weight (empty) is 35,500 lbs (just under 18 tons) and a GVWR (the max operating weight specified by the manufacturer) of 48,000 lbs (24 tons) with passengers & lugɡɑɡe.

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    They do, but they only ship them to a bus station. The recipient has to go pick them up at the station. It’s fairly economical to ship large/ heavy items with them, but I’m not sure about small to med. boxes.

  • give or take about 12k tons

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