How much does a pandora bracelet cost?

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My brothers and I were thinking about getting our mom a pandora bracelet for Christmas and we wanted to know about how much one costs with 2-3 charms on it. We can’t spend too much either so just a rough price would be good. Thanks.

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  • Aw, that’s so sweet. I’m sure she’ll love it. Let me break down the price for you, giving you some of the cheapest options.

    The cheapest bracelet starts from $40 (just a leather strap:… There is, however, a sterling silver that could match your mom’s style more for $45 (…

    As for the charms…they start at $25, but most of these are connectors, that is, not the main pieces but the small charms that you put between bigger pieces. However, these should be fine for your mom since she can always add more to it if she wants. If you’re looking for more of the colorful pieces, you’re looking at around $35-40 per piece.

    So in total, you should be spending about $40 + $25 + $25 at the least…so, $90. With tax that’s about…$95?

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  • Since your only going to get like 2-3 charms probs 200-300 online, in store probs the same just depend on the cost of bracelet and charms. here this might help…

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