How much does an appendix weigh?

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I just got home from having mine removed.

8 Answers

  • An appendix can be any size from 2 to 20 cm long, the average length is about 10 cm. They have been found to be about 6 lbs, but only in morbidly obese people. It probably would be around 5 – 6 oz

  • I think apples weigh about 15 pounds

  • Thats in the back of the book right? =) JK

  • hmm…

    do you know what you weighed before?

    weight yourself and subtract that with what you weighed before.

  • a pound or so

    not enough to affect your weight drastically

  • it depends…but it is less than 5 pounds

  • depend how healthy it is

  • hang on let me get the scales duh

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