how much does it cost to recharge AC on a 2005 car?

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hoping that is all that is needed….done by a mechanic.  specifically dodge caravan.

who said anything about a leak….if its a very slow leak, not worth fixing

maybe its time for someone to buy me a new car…..ever think that is not an option?

people need to get out of their uppity over privileged boxes….if you want to be deal with a possible leak…send me money….i am severely disabled and can barely function, i don’t have the money to pay for any possible leak…i’m likely going to try to recharge it myself….but its still winter, so I’m just considering my options

if recharging it doesn’t work long term….thats it..i have no AC…

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  • About $40. Buy the recharging can at walmart, read the introductions, filler up and done. Its pretty simple and takes about 20min or less.

  • IF you allow the system to get TOO LOW< you will have LARGE expenses as the EVAPORATOR will have to be REPALCED! It is a part that SCOURS for moisture and holds it INSIDE the CALCIUM CARBONATE inside! >>they use a specials DYE to detect a LEAK and then repair whatever is NECESASARY to get things BACK to NORMAL! It was CHYSLER that firs began using a DIFFERENT type of AC freon that does NOT affect the ENVIRONMENT! it has a SPECIAL number! DO NOT know when they SWITCHED over though! It is VERY HARD to keep up with car technology these days! BYE NOW and GOOD LUCK! TRY the DEALERSHIP! Once it is FIXED< it shod REMAIN FIXED! You may need a new CONDESNER as it is near the RADIATOR and VULNERABLE to SHARP high speed objects! IT may  os up to THOUSAND to repair it properly with NO Leaks and SEALED compressor! The JAPENSE< i think were the FIRST< to use CERAMIC and TEFLON coatings in the COMPRESSORS! FOR LONGEVITY! GM did NOT CARE much about this IT SEEMS!  I have seen BENZ cars from 1985 that STILL WORK and have NO LEAKS! It is a different entire philosophy I guess! The RADIATOR did NOT have a SINGLE BLEMISH or deposit either! and it was a REG DIESEL!  >>>you said the YEAR>>>what about the MAKER< MODEL COUNTRY of ORIGIN and Mileage here as well! ASAIN cars have seemed to do the BEST! ALONG with EURO CARS! AMERICAN cars have MORE LEAKS than most others do! It seems the JAPANESE would rather DIE than give you a BAD PRODUCT or a LEAKY one! They use the RIGHT chemistry to make things last the LONGEST it seems! SORRY you are DISABLED< but the PROBLEM remains! There is SECAIL EQUIPEMENT needed to properly RECHARGE the system! It REMOVES and CLEANS the OLD FREON and replaces it with FRESH FILTERED freon along with NECESSARY PAG lubrications OIL! You are WASTING your time to use  a stupid DIY recharge can! They SHOLD be ELIMINATED from the public as DANGEROUS! You must REMOVE all the air from the SYSTEM and THEN allow a SEALED SYSTEM to get filled with FRESH CLEAN FREON after a REPAIR is o=done! YOU MAY find a sympathetic SHOP d to repair this for you, so KEEP LOOKING AROUND! If I still had my shop, you would get FREE repair from me! BUT>> to NOT do things the RIGHT WAY only leads TO more issues!  GOOD LUCK always! 

  • Recharging is not something they do.  It is leaking if it needs recharging.  They are not suppose to leak even a little bit.

     Either your fan does not work (which is fixable) or you will have no A/C

  • If the AC system is completely empty the system will need a vacuum drawn on it and tested for leakage. That takes an hour labor. then the system gets filled with 134a with a dye added to help find the leak if not found. Probably $200 if you go to a mechanic. I’d try a can of AC Pro with sealer in it and charge it yourself. Under $40 that way. Auto stores it carry it.

  • For most cars, the cost of an AC recharge will be about $200 but can go as high as $280. It’s a simple procedure, but it can take a while to check everything out and ensure that there is no further damage, so expect to pay about $120 for the labor costs.

  • At that age you’ll be lucky if there’s nit a leak some where. Hope it’s a pipe not in a major component, or it’s big bucks.

  • Evacuate. Vacuum down, hold and leak check. Refill with the proper amount + dye for your car. 90 bucks. 

  • As much as one charges you

  • i would ask a mechanic about it

  • wheres the leak? Finding and fixing the leak will take time. $150 there abouts to vac it out and gas it up If it’ll hold vacuum for 10 minutes itll get gassed up concrete warranty on how long it lasts. Otherwise if it wont hold and the leak must be found pandora’s box for a 16 year old car maybe its time for a new car unless you want to spend a weeks labour and a new evaporator.

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