How much does snowboarding cost?

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like on average. i never been snowboarding before.

me and my friend want to go together during the summer.

so i wanna know how much i need to save up.

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  • in the summer? i’m guessing june in mammoth? or in new zealand, austrailia..

    anyways…it’s overpriced where i go snowboarding.(but i buy season pass so it’s cheaper)

    lift ticket-$64

    rental boots-$15

    rental board-$15





    if you plan to buy the board, bindings,boots then



    boots- $130+

    well, have fun :] and hope you love the sport. ♥

  • Snowboarding Cost

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    Buying a snowboard can be a challenging and rewarding process. Doing the research first will reward you in the end. Features that should be considered are board shape, width, length, stiffness, camber, and sidecut. In addition, consider how and where you snowboard. Other factors such as terrain and boarding style should also be taken into account.…

    Beginners are likely to choose a very different snowboard than a more experienced boarder. A large man will likely choose a different board than a small woman. Someone who aggressively snowboards in the parks or snowboards on half pipes will likely choose a different board from someone who causally snowboards on groomers. There is an almost limitless combination of options and features in selecting a snowboard.

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  • Do you mean lift tickets or rentals? Lift tickets very a lot depending on the mountain. They usually cost a lot less at smaller local mountains. I ride a Saddleback in Maine every winter and tickets there are $32 a day, but at the larger mountains I go to like Mt. Snow and Stratton in Vermont, the tickets run about $70. I am not too sure about rentals because I have my own gear, but I think you can rent a decent board, boots, and bindings at a local shop for about $200-$250 for the season.

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    How much does snowboarding cost?

    like on average. i never been snowboarding before.

    me and my friend want to go together during the summer.

    so i wanna know how much i need to save up.

  • im guessing you already have like clothes to wear. jacket, pants, hat. (if not to buy all that is gonna cost like $100-150)

    so if u just wanna rent snowboard stuff, it depends on where the mountian is, but to rent a set of boots n a board w/ bindings is around 50 a day. if u need a helmet its like 15 a day

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