how much horse power will a t3 t4 turbo give you?

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  • -this is not the way to ask the question.

    a t3 or t4 will deliver sufficient forced induction to generate plus 100% power gains (t3 for hp generation up to 300, t4 for hp generation up to 600).

    either will deliver sufficient air to generate high levels of “boost” (forced airflow) and if the engine’s fuel management system and exhaust system can handle the airflow-generate exceptional power gains.

    the power generated by forced induction creates extreme heat/engine stress and unless the engine is properly prepared the engine will fail.

    so before considering a turbo or supercharger (they both deliver about the same power enhancement), you have to consider the starting point-the existing engine, and its capabilities.

    most stock engines without race heads, or forged internals can handle a mild boost installation, say 5lbs-7lbs which would provide a power gain ion the range of 40-50%.

    this is well within the range of a t3/t4….and in fact at the very low end of the scale of the capabilities of these turbos

    cheers, 04 cobra, supercharger-whipple blower at 15lbs(575rwHP)…

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    how much horse power will a t3 t4 turbo give you?

  • About 180 with supporting mods and tuned right.

  • my buddy squeezed out 63 horsepower on his sohc vtec civic.

  • what type of honda? what motor?

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