how much rum and coke will get me drunk?

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i’m about 105 lbs and approximately 5’4, and ill be having a 1L bottle of coca cola, and about 3/4 of i t will be filled with captain margans rum, how for do you think ill go as in drunk wise?

and im also a first time drinker.

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  • depends on whether youre drinking on a full stomach , or not ! you get typsy , way faster on a hungry stomach ! but id say , you,ll be pretty buzzed ! rate of consumption also matters !

    i knew a guy who was utterly ridiculous , coz on his day off , hed drink one beer per hr , in case he got called into work ! at that rate , its impossible to get drunk !

    enjoy youre buzz !

  • Rum And Cokes

  • Maybe a couple of glasses. No one can really tell you. Everyone can handle their alcohol differently. I always start feeling a buzz a couple drinks in, and after 4 glasses of coke and rum I am completely drunk.

  • Four or five liquid ounces of rum, I estimate. The amount of Coke you mix with it is irrelevant. You’ll get drunk faster on an empty stomach, which is not recommended.

  • If you drink all of that, you’ll probably get sick or have alcohol poising if you drink it fast.

    I’d say have half of it and you’ll be drunk.

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