How much would it cost to rebuild an engine on an old VW Beetle?

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  • One of the reasons that VW’s were (and maybe still are) favorites with home schooled mechanics is the ease with which a VW engine can be rebuilt and at the same time beefed up.

    I never got into it being a die hard water cooled engine fan. But I can understand why. By the time a engine machinist has gotten the pistons in for my engine to be rebuilt, the VW fan had a over sized jug kit, dual port heads and gotten his engine back into the car.

    The thing is that you can save a lot of money on rebuilding a VW motor by cutting cost corners, or spend a more and get something that would make mence meat out of any Porsche of the same time period.

    I have posted one link for you that has engine parts and rebuilt drop in engines.

    When you need new pistons, just get a set of jugs and matched pistons.

  • Vw Engine Rebuild Cost

  • L.G ~~ Your answer is without merit~ Volksies dont need power steering, the brakes are more than adequate for the little car, and most people let their heating system deteriorate. A bug needs the heater boxes in good shape, not to mention the heater channels that carry the heat to the front. Both of these items rust, are expensive to replace, but can be done. 20 million beetles sold says alot.

  • Depends on how old. A 36 hp and 40 hp had no cam bearings so they not worth building, unless bored for cam bearings. Any way you go you looking at $1,500 for top quality job. Cheap rebuild(not reccomended) $800.00

    Source(s): V.W. mechanic since 1971 in air cooled V.W.’s
  • They are common for around $1000.

    You can get them from lots of mail order places like JC.Whitney, but most cities have a bug rebuilder that is cheap.

  • depends what you consider to be a rebuild,

    but these engines usually only need pistons, rebore and valves,

    you are probably looking at £500 to do it yourself, apart from the rebore, or 1 k for a shop to do it.

  • depends where you live and who does it. I would call around to rebuilders in your area to get a quote

    Source(s): Mechanic 18 years

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