How precisley could each of the apparatus used be read?

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I have answers, but I don’t know if I should say which one is more precise… would it be the balance?

Balance: 1/10,000 of a gram

Pipet: 1/10 of a ml

Cylinder: 1/10 of a ml

Buret: 1/50 of a ml

And then the next question asks: Give reasons for your answer to question 1 in light of your answer to question 2.

Question one asks which is most accurate and from my calculations it turned out to be the buret. So if the “balance” is the most precise how can I relate the buret and the balance? I’m just pretty confused!

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1 Answer

  • Precise means getting the same value or close to the same value if multiple readings are take. Accurate means getting a reading that is close to the real value.

    The pipet and the cylinder should have similar accuracies. At 1.0 mL you could have from 0.95 to 1.05 mL and get the same readings. The are precise, but not very accurate.

    The balance measuring to the closest 0.0001 gram is the most accurate but the readings will not be as precise as the Pipet or Cylinder.

    The Buret is in the middle for both accuracy and precision.


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