How tall was Hercules and how much did he weigh in greek mythology?

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If there is no record that stated how tall he was and how much he weighed, how much are you guessing? Do you think Hercules had the build of a heavyweight bodybuilder with a large frame and bulkiness to his frame, or do you think he had a leaner and more defined body type but with superhuman strength?

Leaner/Defined Similar to an athlete.

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  • Perhaps we can use the Nemean Lion as our basis for Heracles’ height.

    Twice the size of an African lion, the Nemean Lion is the son of the titans Typhon and Echidna: the “father and mother of all monsters.” Although not equipped with great intelligence, the Nemean Lion is cunning and has attacked lone women to drag away them to his cave.

    ** If according to the National Geographic the size of an average African Lion is 6 feet (or 2 meters), the Nemean Lion would be twice that size — 12 feet or 4 meters. Now if the sculptures or vase paintings that show Heracles fighting against the Nemean Lion showed him to be almost the same size as that lion, then Heracles would be about 4 meters tall.

    And if Heracles had been able to defeat the Giants who attacked Olympus then that would make him a bulky muscle man of great strength.

  • Marvel Comics Hercules – Around 7’2 ft tall. 500 lbs

    God of War Hercules – Around 10 ft tall. 800-1000 lbs

    Greek Mythology Hercules – Around 12 ft tall. 1500-2000 lbs

    Even if Marvel Comics Hercules is shortest he is the strongest. He beaten up pretty much all of Asgard in a brawl

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    No exact measurements for the character from greek mythology or the cartoon. If you’re talking about the TV series from the 90s, then the guy who played him, Kevin Sorbo, is 6’3″. no word on his weirght, but I heard muscle is pretty heavy, so I’d guess that he’s up there in the weight category.

  • taller than kratos and is bulkier than him kratos is 6,2 and hercules towers kratos so probaly 8-10 ft tall in god of war 3 and in disneys hercules he is as tall as a average human

    Source(s): God Of War III and Hercules(disney)
  • i hear he was between 6’7″-12ft tall and weighed 500-1200 lbs.this is curious.


    William Smith’s 1888 Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology says that “His height was four cubits”. The Dictionary, usually very good with referencing the ancient authors whose ideas it cites, unfortunately does not make such a reference in this case, but four cubits would be = six feet. The Dictionary goes on to say that Pindar’s Isthmian Ode 4.53 “calls him of small stature but of indomitable courage.” Most ancient art of the hero, from vase paintings to sculptures, seems to disagree with Pindar’s view of the hero as a short dude, and it certainly depicts him as muscular, more like a heavyweight bodybuilder than having a leaner frame.

    Ancient art depicting Hercules, or rather Heracles – as the originally Greek hero is called – in his wrestling match against his gigantic cousin Antaeus, and in his fight against the Gigantos [Giant] Alcyoneus, shows him to be either not too much smaller than these giants or the same size as them. Both instances could mean that Antaeus and Alcyoneus were not the biggest of giants but they would certainly mean that Heracles was himself a giant (whether a big or a small one). The implication is the same in the stories of Heracles wrestling against the gigantic mermen sea-gods Nereus and Triton. Further to this there is also the art depicting the meeting between Heracles and the Titan Prometheus, which generally portrays them as two men of similar size to each other. If we believe that the Titans were cosmic-sized entities, then again it would follow that Heracles was a massive guy. But in the cases of all these encounters between the hero and Antaeus, Alcyoneus, Prometheus, Nereus and Triton, especially in the vase paintings, one might say there isn’t that much space on there to clearly depict a cosmic or gigantic being next to an ordinary-sized human, so perhaps the images are not to scale, as it were. All the same I think that it makes the case that Heracles must have been a big, tall guy by all standards, even if he wasn’t necessarily gigantic as such.

    Images of Heracles in general:

    Images of Heracles vs. Antaeus:

    Images of Heracles vs. Alcyoneus:

    Image of Heracles & Prometheus:

    Images of Herakles vs. Nereus:


    In one version of the myth of the Argonautic expedition, a branch from one of Zeus’ talking oaks from the god’s oracle at Dodona was used in the building of the Argonaut’s ship the Argo. This enabled the ship to talk, and when Heracles was about to board the vessel in order to participate in the voyage the ship complained that it could not take his weight, and so he was excluded from the expedition altogether on this account. Considering the amount of weight that a pentekontoros [or penteconter, a fifty-oared ship] should have been able to take, with at least fifty sailors and all their provisions for a voyage across the then-known world, for it to be unable to take the weight of any one man must make this man extremely, impossibly heavy!

    In most other versions Heracles indeed participates in the expedition, so we can assume that the aforementioned version is a most hyperbolic exaggeration, because then all the other adventures the hero participated in which involved a ship would have been impossible without some sort of incredible ancient technology which the Argo – supposed to be the best ship of its time – did not possess. Also he would pretty much have crushed to death most people and destroyed most objects that he came into contact with under his sheer weight.

    In Apollonius Rhodius’ Argonautica, Heracles and the Arcadian prince Ancaeus are given their position amidships (right in the centre of the ship) because they are heaviest and the strongest among the Argonauts, this position being the most challenging for rowing in comparison to any other bench on the vessel. Apollonius still sees Heracles as especially heavy because beneath his feet, the ship’s keel sinks deep as he takes his place on the bench.

    If we’re conservative and take the Dictionary’s version in which Heracles is six feet tall, for him to bear a realistic weight as corresponds to his height and musculature, he would be somewhere between 80 and 110 Kg or between about 175 and 240 lb. Otherwise, in the original mythology, it seems that whoever was telling the story, painting the picture or sculpting the statue could pretty much go wild with whatever his/her idea might have been about the hero’s height and weight, which ranges from a short man of astronomical weight to a giant who somehow interacted with people and objects of ordinary, smaller size without the implications of gigantic weight, and so on and so forth.

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