How to clean a dirty save file in oblivion WITHOUT loading a past save file?

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I accidentaly messed up a mod I downloaded, and my save file became “Dirty”!! I get to the main screen, load my game file up, its plays, then when I go to reload it my computer crashes! I researched how to clean a dirty Save file, but I have no past saves before the mod, and I dont want to have to restart. Is there any way to clean my file?

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  • I would just reformat the whole computer and try again. Before you reformat you should back up your files and this is a device that allows you to do so:

    You connect the old hard drive to this device, and then the device to a another computer or laptop via USB. You would then be able to access all the files on it.

    Best of luck!

  • Im sorry, your save file is lost =( . This happened to me SO many times, so I just stopped using mods all together.

  • It might be because of virus infections, your system registry might require cleaning also defragmentation might solve your problem. I suggest you AVAST free antivirus and reginout for registry cleaning and defragmentation.

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